Initial Consultation $125
(One hour in-person or online consultation, cost is per person.)

Follow up $35
(Half an hour of a follow-up session.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula $700 ~ $1,800 (per 30 days, per person)

-Small Grade Formula $700 (30 days)
-Medium Grade Formula $825 (30 days)
-Regular Grade Formula $1,225 (30 days)
-High Grade Formula $1,525 (30 days)
-Premium Grade Formula $1,800 (30 days)

(We offer the highest quality of concentrated natural herbal formula extraction imported from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Our doctor will suggest the proper dosage grade for the patient to take based on the severity of the case. Recommended treatment length is at least 6 months.)

TENS Acupuncture $125
(One hour TENS Acupuncture per session.)

Express Shipping $25
(Patient can request for express shipping across Canada)

No direct billing option available



Dr. Wang will give proper advice to the patient after the initial consultation. The method of treatments and fees will be in discussion between Dr. Wang and the patient. Longevity Fertility Centre do not provide direct billing option. Payment options are available in cash, Interac, Visa, Debit, E-Transfer, and MasterCard. Longevity Fertility Centre will provide a properly written receipt with the government registered number after each payment. Longevity Fertility Centre will not refund herbal medication as each medication is specifically formulated for each patient’s unique needs. This policy also applies, without exception, to any other health products or services. Longevity Fertility Centre do not accept any reimbursement interests with any insurance companies. Patients will be responsible for their insurance policies. Longevity Fertility Centre will always do the best for our clients. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are not meant to replace mainstream medical services. Longevity Fertility Centre will never guarantee any treatment progression and Longevity Fertility Centre will have zero tolerance to any verbal abuse or public defamation (libel or slander) against our staff members. If the patient is unable to keep a scheduled appointment, the patient will need to contact us within 48 hours in advance before the date of the appointment. We can assist a cancellation or arrange a new schedule. The patient is hereby notified and agrees to this policy. In Longevity Fertility Centre, we provide the best Traditional Chinese medical care for our patients. We want to help our patients to strengthen themselves and return their lives in good health.